You Just Do Not Know the Value of a Good Car Accident Claims Solicitor Until You Need One

I used to laugh when I saw the advertisements hawking solicitors and their desire to handle people’s car accident claims. I was like all the other people sitting in their ivory towers talking about people wanting easy money and solicitors going after the same. Then my mom was in a serious car accident. I watched how the insurance company delayed paying the doctors and hospitals, and how mom had to hound them to get her weekly checks to cover her wages that were part of the policy she had signed up for. Then the insurance company had the nerve to offer her a payoff that would not even pay a year of her expected four year minimum rehabilitation just to get walking good again.

It was like being at an auction for someone’s life. We told them the amount was ridiculously low. Continue reading


Best Lawyers for Dublin Car Accidents

Just a few days ago, I was on my way to work, like every morning. But little did I know I would not make it to work, instead I was blindsided by another car, and it was a fairly serious accident. I am lucky that I did not have more severe injuries, and I count myself as being pretty lucky to have even survived the crash, given the destruction to the vehicles involved. I want to find a lawyer to help me with car accident claims in Dublin as I need to file a claim for this accident in order to cover my medical bills, and all of the other related costs that this accident is going to bring upon me.

I am kind of upset about the accident, because the other driver clearly should have been paying more attention. I don’t know what was going through his head, but he destroyed two perfectly good cars, and landed the both of us in a hospital. That is a pretty awful outcome as far as I am concerned. But as I already said, it easily could have been worse, and I guess I should be thankful that the both of us are still alive.

My back was injured in the accident, and the doctors are going to decide on whether or not I need surgery once the swelling goes down a bit. I don’t like this waiting game, and even though I hope I do not have to have back surgery, I wish that they could go ahead and do whatever they have to get done. Right now, I am not super anxious about the prospect of back surgery just because they keep me on a lot of pain meds while I am in the hospital. But this injury could be debilitating going forward and so I need a lawyer.