I Did Not Have the Money to Pay for Help


I was involved in an accident that was really hurting me in different ways. First off, I had extensive injuries that I am still dealing with to this day. I also have faced a lot of work issues because I cannot do everything that I was able to do before. Finally, I was having trouble finding a good solicitor to help me sort everything so I did not lose all I had because of something that was not my fault. A good friend of mine told me to go to www.nowinnofeeireland.net/no-win-no-fee.html and see if this legal firm would be able to help me with my claim that was going unnoticed. Continue reading


Why Some Drug Lawsuits Are Necessary

I heard about someone getting in on a Xarelto lawsuit that was being filed against the manufacturer of the drug. Apparently they felt they had been harmed by using the drug. They were taking it to reduce the chance of getting a deadly blood clot that could have caused a stroke, but they ended up with bleeding problems instead. Xarelto is a blood thinning agent. It helps blood cells not to form clots. However, sometimes clots are necessary. Internal and external bleeding while on a blood thinner can be particularly frightening as well as being a threat to life. Continue reading