Facing Divorce Court is Serious Business

I hired a divorce attorney in Salem MA within an hour of my wife hitting with papers seeking a permanent separation. That’s a fancy term for a permanent divorce, and the list of stuff in the papers was enough to stop any man’s heart. Massive alimony and child support payments, permanent custody of the kids, and she even wanted her legal fees paid! Well, I’ve never been the sort of person to take this type of challenge lying down so I called in my ace in the hole. I know the best divorce attorney in town and hired him immediately.

Looking further at her list of demands, it was obvious I was going to spend a lot of time in court. I’d never heard of some of the stuff she was demanding. It looked like her attorney wasn’t very experienced and just decided to throw the kitchen sink at us. I think he thought if he hit us with everything right at the get go, we’d fold like cheap suits. That’s not happening to this kid. I’ve been around the block before and this was my second marriage. I’ve gone through this before and knew you had to get the best legal help around.

My lawyer has over twenty years of experience in divorce matters, he knows all the people at the courthouse and all the judges, and he’s worked on simple and complex divorce cases. The best thing I like about him is that he also works in mediation to help people to try and save their marriages. That’s not going to happen in my case, but it shows my lawyer isn’t in it for the money. I like and trust people who think like that. I’ll be heading into court soon and we’ve got a good chance of getting most of her demands thrown out and get the divorce finalized quickly.


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