I Had to Do Some Favors Today

I was really surprised when this guy called me with this request, but I guess that he did not have any better options. He was embarrassed by the entire thing, but he was a thousand miles away and his daughter was in trouble here. He knew that I knew plenty of lawyers and that I could find a Sacramento criminal attorney who could fix things, or at least fix them as well as they could be. At any rate I went down to the court house and arranged bail. It was not too big of a deal. She had not ever been in any trouble before and it was not too big of a deal. She had gotten mad at her ex boyfriend, who was not ready to let things go. I suppose it would have been a bigger deal for him, being on the wrong end of that baseball bat as it were. Actually it was a softball bat she told me, but the impact was pretty much the same.

She was a really sweet girl and I figure that it can all be worked out, although it does not help that the ex boyfriend is still in the hospital. It is not going to work out for you when you go up against a bat, especially when you do not run away. The thing is that she is claiming that he was stalking her and if you take a bat to a guy who is stalking you, then that is going to play a lot better in court than if it is any other way. At any rate the lawyer is not worried about it too much. She is really sure that she can get the thing reduced to a misdemeanor or dismissed completely. It seems that way to me also.


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