Information for Joining a Risperdal Lawsuit

My son was prescribed to Risperdal by his psychiatrist, and now, in retrospect, it seems the it was very inappropriate for him to be prescribed to that drug, given his diagnosis of severe anxiety disorder. However, the doctor went ahead, and prescribed it anyway, even though it was not fully understood what the drug was good for. It has had some devastating effects for my family, and I want to find out information about joining a risperdal lawsuit. I know that there is a lawsuit, that is being put together, as a result of the side effects that are caused by this drug.

I think that there is a malpractice lawsuit to be had, just based on the fact that the doctor prescribed my son to a drug that has not been shown to be effective in the treatment of anxiety. I am not sure why he did it, unless he was just going with some sort of hunch, or gut feeling, that it would work. In my opinion, that is not a very compelling reason to put a child on a type of medication, when it is not known what the side effects of that medication might be.

In this case, the side effects have made my son’s anxiety much worse. One of the side effects, for males who take the drug, is gynecomastia. Which means that you are a male who has grown boobs. It is just about as horrifying as it sounds, and it has really messed with my son’s head. His head was pretty messed up to begin with, and this incident has just served to make it a loot worse. What is most depressing, is that now he does not even trust doctors to help him out with his anxiety condition, and he does need help.


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