My Sister Needed a Good Divorce Lawyer

When my sister called me crying a few months ago, I knew she had finally reached her breaking point. She was involved in a bad marriage that had rarely seen a good day. While I hated seeing her hurt as much as she was that day, I was also grateful because I knew she was finally going to let me look at some New Jersey divorce attorneys and find her the one that would be able to get her out of her nightmare marriage. She has only been married for three years, but they have three children already.

She got pregnant on her honeymoon with twins, and she had a son just a few weeks before she called me. She was afraid, because she had three children under the age of three, and no way to support herself. I went and picked her and the kids up, and they moved in with me the same day. I also started looking that day for an attorney for her, because I knew her husband was going to fight dirty to try to keep her chained to him. If she was on her own, she would have went back in a heartbeat, but she was able to get strength from my husband and myself.

I drove her to her first appointment with the attorney that I had found, and we had everything that he had instructed us to bring. He was able to get things started that day so she would still have financial support while they went through the divorce proceedings. Without her attorney, she would have ended up with nothing, not even the kids probably. Because she had such a good one though, she was able to start thinking positively about a future without her abusive husband in her life. Things are not final yet, but her attorney has managed to keep him away from her, and that was a huge part of the battle. Life is starting to look good for her.


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