My Son Hung Around Bad People

When my son called me from the police station, I was both frustrated and sad. He was 20 years old at the time and running with a crowd that i did not approve of. I understood his desire to fit in though, because he did not have the best childhood because of how sickly he was. He wanted to make up for lost time, but all that meant was that I had to do a search for criminal defense Suwanee GA because I had no idea which lawyer to get for him.

What had happened was the guys he was hanging out with wanted some beer. The only problem was that none of them were old enough to legally purchase it. They decided to rob a store that sells beer, but they did not tell my son about it. That is the story he gave me, and I do believe him. He might have been doing some irresponsible things, but I knew that he would not willingly hurt someone else just for some lousy beer. Anyway, they had him drive and wait outside while they went in. They only intended to take some beer, but the owner ended up trying to stop them.

Thankfully, they did not try to kill them. They did beat him though. Since my son was the driver, they charged him as an accessory. I knew that we needed a really good lawyer to help him, otherwise he may end up in prison for this. Thankfully again, I found the right person to take my son’s case. While no excuses were made for his relationships with these thugs, his innocence was definitely stated over and over again. The three boys responsible for putting the store owner in the hospital did end up serving several years, but my son was released with just a stern warning to make better judgment calls in the future. I have to agree with the judge on that one.


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