Need Some Help with a Lawsuit

I am not sure what is wrong with the lady who lives next door to me, but I suppose that I am going to need to find a midwest city lawyer. She has always been a really bad neighbor, but the last few months she has been behaving irrationally to say the least. We put up a privacy fence to avoid confrontations with her, but then she started claiming that it was on her land. That was not true. I survey the property line and then gave myself plenty of room for error before I put that fence up. That should have solved all of the stuff that she used to complain about, but now she has started making all sorts of legal claims. None of them have any really basis in fact, but they have to be defended at any rate. I am working under the assumption that the only thing I can do is make her pay for wasting my time. She does not seem to care about anything else, but she does care a great deal about money.

Of course I do not know that you can really do anything about frivolous lawsuits in this country. All sorts of people spend their lives doing nothing else. In fact there are a lot of people in prison who have nothing else to do except sue everyone else in the world. I have to do something about them though. I have been able to get a lot of it thrown out of court without hiring a lawyer. The judge has better things to do most of the time, but some of them will let the cases go forward. I have to bother with all of it, instead of earning money. That is the big thing which bugs me of course.


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