Replaced the Old Rule with Younger Minds

Technology is rapidly evolving to give us a dream of a better future for humanity, one where we do not have to suffer for lack of want. And still with such quick advancement defining the nature of our economic market as well as a reflection of our culture, we have to be careful in how we craft economic and political policy to help shape the way new products are built, tested and released out into the populace. Last year my girlfriend experienced mirena complications from her IUD. She wasn’t alone in her suffering because of the faulty nature of this product which had been released far too soon to be sold off the shelves or even to be suggested by doctors. There are inherent issues in the design itself which makes me wonder just how they managed to get it past the FDA and why the FDA even considered approving it for safe sale.

The fault, I believe, lies in the way that our current protocol methodology and policy design is currently enacted. Our current frame of reference for these things is not one that has been shaped by individuals who have grown up with the rapid speed of our technological advancement and thus those who are currently creating the current protocols are simply inadequate in their ability to create appropriate counter measures against technology which may have gone out of control. They fail to see the balance that must be kept in allowing a business the freedom to test new products, to create new technology while at the same time being able to protect the those consumers whose hands will be grasping that tech. I believe it will be another generation before we begin to a shift in how we approach these issues as younger and more tech savvy politicians begin to replace the old rule.


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