The Grudging Help I Look for

I am not a fan of lawyers. It’s not that I actively dislike them as people or because of what they do. I just don’t like what they represent; legal trouble. Legal trouble is nothing but that: trouble. So much time is spent when you’re embroiled in any dispute that has you being dragged to courthouses. Lawyers spend their time sending each other bloated settlement offers, contracts and whatever else lawyers spend their time doing that I can only be thankful that is around to help me with my trouble. I get into a lot of settlement disputes in my line of work so while it’s a time sink, it’s something that I am also familiar with.

I’d rather not be familiar with it. I wish I could let these accounts slide but there’s no way that I could do that. I would have long ago gone broke. You would be shocked to hear how many different client accounts I’ve had try to get out of their contracts with me, especially after all the work has been done. They try to find any little thing in the contract that will allow them to not have to settle the account. Fine. Go ahead and try it. You’re not the first, bub.

Thanks to my many, many experiences I have been able to craft an impenetrable contract. They might do their best to crack it but in the end I nearly always get what I want: the money that they owe me. Only one account has ever managed to slip away and that is only because they had to gall to leave the country. Who does that? People would rather run away than deal with the problem that they have created themselves? That’s the sort of cowardice that society looks down on.


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