Why Some Drug Lawsuits Are Necessary

I heard about someone getting in on a Xarelto lawsuit that was being filed against the manufacturer of the drug. Apparently they felt they had been harmed by using the drug. They were taking it to reduce the chance of getting a deadly blood clot that could have caused a stroke, but they ended up with bleeding problems instead. Xarelto is a blood thinning agent. It helps blood cells not to form clots. However, sometimes clots are necessary. Internal and external bleeding while on a blood thinner can be particularly frightening as well as being a threat to life.

I think that built into the price of prescription and even over-the-counter medications should be coverage for people who have provable claims that the drug has caused them harm. Yes, it is a risk to take any type of drug whether it is a prescription, over-the-counter or even illegal or illicit drug. The ones prescribed by a doctor should, I think, definitely be covered to compensate patients who end up being harmed as a result of using them.

Now I’m not saying each person harmed should get a billion dollars. I think they should be compensated based on the level of harm. If they lost the ability to work, then a lifetime of income and coverage for any special care and all healthcare costs would be minimum compensation. There really is the pain and suffering factor too, but that is something beyond the realm of my expertise to figure out how to compensate for. I would leave something like that up to a jury of experts, not just a jury of people who can be swayed by any whim or emotional plea on either side of the case. As these new drugs are developed, there are going to be more people harmed by them. However, there are many more who are helped. You cannot ignore either side.


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