Why Young Lawyers Need an Association

Lawyers protesting in front of Supreme Court in Islamabad in 2007One of the most important things I learned while in law school is that networking is an extremely important part of the job. Sure, a person can become a lawyer without having a network of fellow lawyers to turn to, but he is going to be a very lonely person in the business world. This is especially true for young lawyers. There are the rare few who will have the support of established lawyers, but like I said, that is rare. Established lawyers are busy with their own lives, and few have the time to teach a new lawyer the tricks of the trade.

That is why every young lawyer needs to consider an association. This is where they will meet other young lawyers and promote not only cooperation but also respect regardless of where they are from. An association is made up of several parts. The general assembly is usually open to all members, whether they are able to vote or not on various matters. There are regular meetings and important things are decided, including the direction that the association is taking.

Along with this, one of the more important parts of an association is so a young lawyer can network. There is no other place where he or she will be able to become part of such a great establishment. While there is a great deal of socialization that goes on, a more important part of an association is the career building aspects of one. Young lawyers are given various opportunities by being associated with such a group that others are not privy to. Because of this, it truly is a matter of professional survival for all lawyers to become entrenched in such an association. Not only will their careers and social lives benefit, but they will benefit on many personal levels as well.


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