You Just Do Not Know the Value of a Good Car Accident Claims Solicitor Until You Need One

I used to laugh when I saw the advertisements hawking solicitors and their desire to handle people’s car accident claims. I was like all the other people sitting in their ivory towers talking about people wanting easy money and solicitors going after the same. Then my mom was in a serious car accident. I watched how the insurance company delayed paying the doctors and hospitals, and how mom had to hound them to get her weekly checks to cover her wages that were part of the policy she had signed up for. Then the insurance company had the nerve to offer her a payoff that would not even pay a year of her expected four year minimum rehabilitation just to get walking good again.

It was like being at an auction for someone’s life. We told them the amount was ridiculously low. They would come back with a little bit higher amount. We showed them medical bills, prognoses and projections for therapy, and they offered a bit more. None of it covered her lifetime of expected lost wages. Not one doctor ever thought she would be able to return to work or to fully care for herself, and certainly she would never return to the good job she had.

We hired the best car accident claims solicitor we could find to file a claim against the insurance company and the person who caused the accident. We had a great case with all of the supporting evidence including video evidence. They still tried to come back with a low offer. The lawyer rejected it and took it to court. Before the court date arrived, they offered a settlement check that was more than what we filed for. Are we sure mom will have enough for the rest of her life? No, but we are certain it is a lot more than what they were originally trying to get away with giving her.


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